Giraffe Haven Philately

"USA; 29; giraffe"
This stamp is an issue of the US, 1992.

"Companhia do Nyassa; correios; 1/4 (1/2, 1 ,1 1/2) centavo(s)"
These four stamps were issued by the Portuguese district of Nyassa in Mozambique, probably around 1940. They are from a set that also depicts the bust of Vasco Da Rama on some denominations and his flagship on others.

"Porteado a receber; 1 (1/2) centavo; Companhia do Nyassa"
These two triangle postage due stamps are from the above set.

"2 1/2; Correios; reis; Portugal; Nyassa; 5 reis provisorio" "Companhia de Mocambique; 1 Cvo"
In this image are one last Nyassa issue, and one 1937 stamp from the Mozambique Company. The Mozambique Company ran the district of Manica and Safala for Portugal.

"Congo Belge; 40c; Giraffa; Belgisch-Congo;" "Congo Belge; 40c; Giraffa; CONGO; Belgisch-Congo;"
In this image are two stamps from the Belgian Congo.

"40gr; zyrafa; Polska; Giraffa camelopardis; I. Grabianski; pwpw 72" "Postage 80 dirhams; Ras-al-Khaima"
The stamp on the left is a 1972 issue Polish stamp. The stamp on the right is from the old Trucial State of Ras al Khaima. This stamp is from a set of animals issued in 1971. Ras al Khaima became a member of the United Arab Emirates in 1972.